Licensed standpipes

UK water companies require anyone extracting water from their network to use an authorized standpipe, and adhere to correct working methods.


Illegal extraction of water from water companies’ networks can compromise water quality.  It poses a risk to public health, and cause regulatory standards to be breached. 


Fluid Science Services is the supplier of licensed standpipes for private networks or UK water companies.

Fluid Science Services provide a managed hire service, with same and next day delivery or the option to collect from our trade counter. Find our locations 

Our licensed standpipes are colour-coded and branded, allowing for easy identification of unauthorized use.


Network users need to be aware that different water companies have different operating procedures and the correct, legally compliant standpipe must be used and that there may be a need to comply with the revised Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice

Apply for a Licensed Standpipe

To apply for a United Utilities Licensed Standpipe contact 0333 320 1513 or apply here

For other applications or enquiries contact 0333 320 1513 or email

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To find out more about Fluid Science Service Standpipe Management Service contact 0333 320 1513 or email

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